Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cross Draw OWB Leather Holster with Suede Lining for Ruger Redhawk 44 magnum Talo Edition.

The perfect drivers' holster... no more wrenching your shoulder out of socket trying to retrieve your firearm from a seated position.

The Cross Draw outside-the-waistband leather holster from Ryman Holsters is designed to be worn on the left, at about 10 or 11 o'clock on the body for right-handed shooters (opposite for south paws).

The unique design of Ryman Holsters' Cross Draw features a retention strap allowing the holster to be carried at a lower angle- slightly above parallel with the belt line. This enables the wearer to draw across the body in a natural motion instead of a lifting motion like other cross draw designs.

Belt mounting options include a leather loop (pictured) or a wide steel clip. The steel clip version can be employed without removing the belt, but is not suggested for large firearms.

Color options include black, tan, or brown leather. Choose from black or white stitching. For a truly unique, rugged look, Ryman Holsters also offers a hand-textured leather finish

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