Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sig P938 Leather OWB Holster, Suede Lined, Rugged Quick Clip from Ryman Holsters

The Rugged Quick Clip from Ryman Holsters is the perfect holster for clipping to your belt when you don't want to completely remove the belt. The wide steel clip attaches to 1.5: belts and is surprisingly stable for a single mount OWB holster.

The optional leather loop version can accommodate almost any size belt but does require the wearer to undo the belt from the pants to put on the holster.

The Rugged Quick Clip Holster from Ryman Holsters features an extended sweat shield for semi-auto pistols or extended sides to protect the hammer on revolver versions. Both versions feature adjustable retention.

The Rugged Quick Clip from Ryman Holsters is exactly that... rugged; and that's not just on the outside. The interior of the American-made, outside-the-waistband leather holster is lined with durable 1 oz. suede.

Leather color options include black, brown, or tan. Choose black or white thread.

At Ryman Holsters, there are no long manufacturing lines churning out one-size-fits-most generic holsters. Jason Ryman handcrafts every holster, to order, with great care and attention to detail.

Check prices and availability on Ryman Holsters' website,

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