Saturday, November 3, 2018

Suede Lined Paddle Holster for SIG P226, SIG P227, SIG P229, OWB LEATHER HOLSTER

The Rugged Quick Clip with the paddle option is a great choice for a service-sized pistol like the SIG P226. The mounting hardware is embedded between two heavy layers of Hermann Oak leather and the interior is lined with smooth, supple chap suede to keep your firearm protected.

Check prices and availability on my website,

Rugged Quick Clip, Suede-Lined Paddle Holster for SIG P226

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Suede Lined Holster for 1911, Springfield Armory, Kimber, Sig Sauer, Sig, Colt, Ruger

1911 Holster

1911 Holster

I just finished this OWB Hybrid Hi-Ride with a suede-lined kydex shell. I really like the color combo this customer ordered. The white stitching really sets it off and the suede lined shell will be sure to protect his Springfield Armory E.M.P.1911.

Current build time only 5-10 business days! Check prices, options, and availability at

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Ultimate Leatherman, Gerber, Victorinox, Kershaw, Replacement Case

I thought I'd share this sharp looking rig I just finished for a customer. It's my Ultimate Multi-Tool Case in black textured leather, white stitching, and an accessory pocket. The loops on the left hold a 1" flashlight. Also included is a matching Rugged Key Keeper. Check prices and options at

Leatherman, Gerber, Swiss Tool, Victorinox, multitool, case, sheath
Ultimate Multi-Tool Case by Ryman Holsters

Leatherman, Gerber, Swiss Tool, Victorinox, multitool, case, sheath
Ultimate Multi-Tool Case by Ryman Holsters

Leatherman, Gerber, Swiss Tool, Victorinox, multitool, case, sheath
Ultimate Multi-Tool Case by Ryman Holsters
Leatherman, Gerber, Swiss Tool, Victorinox, multitool, case, sheath
Ultimate Multi-Tool Case by Ryman Holsters

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Custom Suede Lined Leather Holster for SIG P365, SIG P938, SIG P238

Check prices and options here: Boot Holster by Ryman Holsters

MADE IN THE USA. Available in black, brown, or tan leather, with optional suede lining. These holsters work great inside cowboy boots or work boots with a loose fitting mouth. The holster sits inside the boot and clips to the edge of the boot, keeping the firearm up closer to the top of the boot so you can reach it!

The body of the Boot Holster is made of high quality Hermann Oak 6oz veg-tan leather. This keeps the holster thin so it doesn't take up too much room in the boot. Optional suede lining adds a bit of thickness to the holster body (about 1/8").

Adjustable Ride Height: You can adjust how deep the holster sits inside your boot. Simply move the clip down on the adjustment strip for a higher ride height, or toward the top for deeper concealment.

Clip Orientation: If you're right-handed, you'll want the clip on the right side. This will allow you to draw from inside your left leg or outside your right leg. If you're left-handed, order the clip on the left. Either way, the boot holster is intended to go INSIDE the boot and clip to the top.

Stitching and Suede Lining: The perimeter stitching is only included with suede lined holsters. Unlined holsters will not have a stitched perimeter.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Cross Draw Holster for SIG P365 by Ryman Holsters. Limited Mobility Holster, Driving Holster. Car Holster, Truck Holster.

The Cross Draw, suede-lined, leather holster works great as a driving holster. It's also an excellent choice as a strong side holster for people with limited mobility. See options, prices, and availability here: Cross Draw by Ryman Holsters

drivers holster, limited mobility holster

Sig P365 Boot Holster

The Sig P365 fits great in the Boot Holster, and the boot holster fits great inside cowboy boots where ankle holsters don't work. Check prices, options, and availability at

custom leather holster for sig P365

Friday, April 20, 2018

Sig P365 in Ryman Holsters' Hybrid 1.0 IWB Holster

Holster for Sig P365

Sig P365 in Ryman Holsters' Hybrid 1.0 IWB Holster

Sig P365 Conceal Carry Holster

Check price and availability at

The Sig P365 is an incredible little 9mm pistol that holds 10+1 rounds in the standard capacity (12+1 extended). This awesome little gun fits great in my Hybrid 1.0 IWB holster. Paired with a matching mag carrier for a perfect combo!

This holster is worn inside-the-waistband (IWB).

MADE IN THE USA | Suede Lining on Body Side of Leather Back | Adjustable Retention | Adjustable Cant | Tuckable IWB Design | No Metal Parts Contact The Firearm

Retention Type: Adjustable retention (included) provides two adjustment points near the trigger guard and two adjustment points on the slide side of the holster. The hardware is completely covered on the body side of the leather back.

Leather Cut:

'Cutaway' has part of the leather back removed in the grip area.

'Extended Full Back' is extended to completely shield the firearm from your body (see main pic above).

'Reinforced Hole at Mag Release' If your mag release protrudes beyond the body of the firearm, this hole will ensure that you don't accidentally eject your mag. Not necessary on the 'Cutaway' back.

'Suede-Lined Kydex Shell' Add suede to the Kydex shell to provide maximum protection for your firearm.

Belt Clip Type: If you wear a good, thick gun belt, I suggest you choose one, or both, of the Kydex clips. The 'C' clip wraps around the outside of the belt. The 'J' clip wraps over the top edge of the pants, but stays behind the belt. Either type allow the holster to be removed without removing the belt.NOTE: Kydex clips replace the steel clip. The steel clip will be included with Kydex Master Pack of clips.

Belt slots and clips fit up to 1.5" belts. Please let me know if you wear a wider belt.

Rugged Quick Clip Paddle Option

Here's a new option for our incredibly popular Rugged Quick Clip suede-lined leather OWB holster... a paddle attachment. Check prices and availability at

leather paddle holster

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Custom Scabbard with new reversible suede-lined retention flap for Mossberg Shockwave

Here's a new add-on option for my Custom Scabbard for the Mossberg Shockwave. It's a suede-lined, reversible retention flap. The hardware to mount the flap is isolated in layers of the scabbard and does NOT contact the firearm. Check options and build time at

Ryman Holsters Custom Scabbard

Monday, February 5, 2018

Custom, Suede-Lined Leather Scabbard and Matching Leather Shoulder Strap for Mossberg Shockwave

This is my son showing off a new Shockwave custom scabbard in brown leather/brown suede interior with matching shoulder strap. It's made from genuine American Hermann Oak Leather. The interior is completely lined with a super soft chap suede to protect your Shockwave. The optional d-ring mounts on the outside are secured with mechanical fasteners, not rivets) The mounting hardware is embedded inside the leather shell and does not contact the firearm. The optional d-rings (6 total) are removable leaving a leather strap slot for horizontal lashing options.