Thursday, November 23, 2017

Leather Pump Strap for Mossberg Shockwave

What's not to like about the relatively little Mossberg Shockwave? Nothing, except for the factory nylon pump strap! This is a superior quality replacement pump strap made from genuine American Hermann Oak Leather. Available in black, brown, and tan leather with black or white stitching. Check prices and availability here...

Mossberg Shockwave

Concealed Carry Holster for Ruger LC9, LC9s, LC380

This is a custom Ryman Boot Holster with a matching mag carrier in brown, hand-textured leather. The holster interior is lined with super soft, heavy duty chap suede. The clip on both pieces can be moved up or down to determine the ride height. And...IT'S NOT JUST FOR BOOTS! Many of my customers use the boot holster as an Inside-The-Waistband (IWB) rig too! Built from genuine American Herrman Oak leather. Handcrafted, built-to-order by Jason Ryman. Check pricing and availability on my website...

leather boot holster by Ryman Holsters