Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hybrid 1.0 Holster for XDs, Shield, Bodyguard, M&P, Sig, Kimber, Springfield

Hybrid 1.0 Holster by Ryman Holsters
MADE IN THE USA | Suede Lining on Body Side of Leather Back | Adjustable Retention (optional) | Adjustable Cant | Tuckable IWB Design | No Metal Parts Contact The Firearm

Retention Type: Adjustable retention offers two adjustment points near the trigger guard and two adjustment points on the slide side of the holster. The hardware is completely covered on the body side of the leather back. Fixed retention is snug and not adjustable with polished rivets visible on both sides of the leather back.

Cutaway vs. Standard Back: Some of my clients have requested a cutaway style leather back. They prefer an open back in the area of the grip. The sweat shield still extends past the top of the pistol.

Stitching Color:
-Black stitching on front and back
-White stitching on front and back
-White stitching on front, black stitching on back (if you don't want white stitching against the black suede lining)

Belt Clip Type: If you're concerned about potentially scratching your belt, I suggest you choose one, or both, of the Kydex clips. The 'C' clip wraps around the outside of the belt. The 'J' clip wraps over the top edge of the pants, but stays behind the belt. Either type allow the holster to be removed without removing the belt. NOTE: Kydex clips replace the steel clip. The steel clip will be included with Kydex Master Pack of clips.

Belt slots and clips fit up to 1.5" belts. Please let me know if you wear a wider belt.