Thursday, May 7, 2015

Holster for NAA 22! OWB Cross Draw for North American Arms 22, LR and Mag! Superior Quality Leather Holsters from Ryman Holsters.

Ryman Holsters Cross Draw Leather Holster
Cross Draw Holster for NAA22 by Ryman Holsters
Cross Draw holster for the NAA 22LR/22Mag revolver! Check options and pricing on the website-

Holster for Sig P938, Sig P238, and many other models! Hybrid 1.0 with Extended Back plus options!

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Here's a Hybrid 1.0 IWB holster with optional extended leather back. This is kind of like the opposite of the cutaway option. The extended back ensures that no part of the firearm contacts the body.

Another option is the reinforced hole at the mag release. This hole prevents the mag from being accidentally ejected.

The belt clip in this pic is the regular length J clip. Clip options include extended J, C, extended C, and steel. Can't decide on one clip? There's a Master Pack available that includes all five types!

As with all of the H1s, the retention is adjustable on both the slide and trigger, and the hardware is embedded within the holster. The back is lined with suede... no t-posts or other mounting hardware contacts your body or the firearm!

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